Aino-Maija Aalto

Stockholm university

I am a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Social Research at Stockholm University and Department of Economics at Åbo Akademi University.

My main fields of interest in Economics are
◾Labour Economics and
◾Demographic Economics

In general, I am interested in research related to Social Economics and especially the microeconometric applications to answer questions related to these sub-fields.

Jose Abad

University of Exeter

Jaap Abbring

Tilburg University

As a professor of econometrics at Tilburg University, I study and teach the theory, computation, and econometrics of dynamic choices and games. In the Structural Econometrics Group, I work with other Tilburg economists interested in structural econometrics, computational economics, and their applications. I am an IAAE, Econometric Society, and CEPR fellow; and a member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. I am managing editor of The Econometrics Journal.

Lena Abou El-Komboz

ifo Institute

Tasso Adamopoulos

York University

Abi Adams

University of Oxford

Joop Adema

ifo Institute

Arun Advani

University of Warwick

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

I study inequality, tax compliance, and tax design, with a focus on those with high incomes or wealth. I also work on environmental taxation, economic development, migration, and tax in low- and middle-income countries.

I am co-chair of the Discover Economics campaign, aiming to increase the diversity of people who study and work in economics.

Josefa Aguirre

Pontificia Universidad Católica

I am an Assistant Professor in Economics at PUC-Chile. My research explores policy-relevant questions in the field of applied microeconomics. My particular areas of specialization are in the economics of education and the labor market.

Achim Ahrens

ETH Zürich

Achim Ahrens is a Senior Data Scientist and Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Public Policy Group, ETH Zurich, and Immigration Policy Lab (ETH/Stanford).

Andrea Ajello

Federal Reserve Board

I am chief of the Macro-Financial Analysis section in the Division of Monetary Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. I am interested in applied macroeconomics, DSGE modeling, and finance. I am currently working on an empirical assessment of the nexus between monetary policy transmission, its effect on financial vulnerabilities, and macroeconomic risk.

Nuray Akin

Ozyegin University

Cevat Aksoy

King's College London

Koray Aktas

University of Milano-Bicocca

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Milan-Bicocca.

Labor economics, income dynamics and inequality, economics of education, internationalization and firms.

Ethem Akyol

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Eleonora Alabrese

University of Warwick

I am an applied microeconomist interested in empirical political economy. My research focuses on misinformation and on voters’ behaviour with a focus on the role of media and its relationship with science and science communication.

Research fields: Political economy, Media economics, Economics of Science.

Daniel Albuquerque

London School of Economics

PhD student at LSE, joining the BoE at the end of September

Jorge Ale-Chilet

Bar-Ilan University

Davide Alonzo

Miguel Alquezar-Yus

European University Institute

I am an applied microeconomist interested in empirical political economy. My research focuses on how institutions influence individuals' political opinions and social actions, with a focus on the role of Catholic church and its relationship with social progress and community building.

Sam Altmann

University of Oxford

I'm a DPhil (PhD) candidate in economics from the University of Oxford. I work on Empirical Industrial Organisation, focusing on Market Design, Dynamic Games and (occasionally) Auctions. I will be on the academic job market in 2022-23 with my paper "Choice, Welfare, and Market Design: An Empirical Investigation of Feeding America's Choice System."

Niklas Amberg

Sveriges Riksbank

Gene Ambrocio

Bank of Finland

Josep Amer-Mestre

European University Institute

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the European University Institute. My main research interests lie in the fields of labor economics, public economics, and empirical political economy.

Stanislav Anatolyev


Asger Lau Andersen

University of Copenhagen

Anders Anderson

Stockholm School of Economics

Mark Andor

Francesco Andreoli

University of Verona and LISER

Michele Andreolli

London Business School

Isaiah Andrews

Harvard University

Pasha Andreyanov

HSE, Moscow

Alin Andries

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

I am Professor of Banking at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi and research fellow of Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy. Previously, I was a Go8 Senior Research Fellow at School of Banking and Finance, University of New South Wales and a SCIEX Senior Research Fellow at University of St. Gallen.

My research interests are focused on financial intermediation, household finance and systemic risk.

Georgios Angelis

Aix-Marseille University, AMSE

David Angenendt

Technical University of Munich

Yair Antler

Tel Aviv University

Francisca Antman

University of Colorado Boulder

Fabio Antoniou

Athens University of Economics and Business

André Anundsen

Housing Lab - Oslo Metropolitan University

Ayala Arad

Tel Aviv University

Fernando Aragon

Simon Fraser University

I am a Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University (Canada). I received my PhD from the London School of Economics and joined the Department of Economics at SFU in 2010.

My research relates to the fields of Development, Environmental, and Political Economics.

My work is applied and explores the role of natural resources and institutions on local development, economic effects of pollution, and adaptation to climate change, specially of rural households in less developed countries.

Daniela Araujo

University of Bamberg

I have ten years of work experience in public policy design, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as five years of academic experience as researcher in the field of economics of education. Currently, I work as lecturer and researcher at the University of Bamberg in Germany, where I earned my doctoral degree in Economics. My research uses econometric methods to evaluate the effects of teachers and their qualifications on children’s human capital accumulation.

Fernando Arce

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Belinda Archibong

Barnard College, Columbia University

Assistant Professor of Economics, Barnard College, Columbia University

Maria Aristizabal-Ramirez

Federal Reserve Board

Patrick Arni

University of Bristol

Also affiliated to IZA and CESifo. Focus on Labour Economics and related fields (social insurance, public, education, health) and on micro-econometric programme evaluation. Please see website for more.

axelle arquie


Simone Arrigoni

Trinity College Dublin and Central Bank of Ireland

I am a second year PhD Candidate in Economics at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), affiliated with the IM-TCD (International Macro) research unit. I am currently visiting the Central Bank of Ireland in the Irish Economic Analysis Division. My research interests lie in the area of international and empirical macroeconomics with a focus on the interplay between macroeconomic dynamics and inequality in wealth and income.

Katrin Assenmacher

European Central Bank

Katrin is Head of the Monetary Policy Strategy Division at the ECB. From 2010-16 she led the Monetary Policy Analysis unit at the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Her professional interests lie in the areas of monetary policy and time-series econometrics. She holds a Doctorate and a Diploma in economics from the University of Bonn, where she also received her Habilitation. Katrin was a visiting scholar at the Fed of St. Louis, the OeNB and the Universities of Copenhagen and Southern California.

Deniz Atalar

University of Cambridge

Atabek Atayev

ZEW, Mannheim

Davide Avino

University of Liverpool

Philippe Bacchetta

University of Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute

Swiss Finance Institute Professor in Economics. Co-chairman 2016 EEA congress

Pierre Bachas

World Bank Research

I am an economist in the Development Research Group (DECRG) at the World Bank.

Benjamin Bachi

University of Haifa

Ronald Bachmann

RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

Claes Bäckman

Aarhus University

I work as an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. My research is in the intersection of household finance and macroeconomics, where I use micro-data to study consumption, stock market investments, housing and mortgages.

Juhee Bae

University of Glasgow

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Econometrics at Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. My research interests are Forecasting, Econometrics, and Macroeconometrics.

Antoine Baena

Manuel Bagues

University of Warwick

Alae Baha

Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)

I am a Ph.D. candidate from the Toulouse School of economics. My research interests are applied theory, dynamic games, and industrial organization.
Starting from September 2022, I will be joining the department of sociology at the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral fellow.

Saleem Bahaj


Fabian Bald

Universität Duisburg-Essen

I am a fourth-year PhD student at the Chair of Economics at the Mercator School of Management (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany) and the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics.
I work on topics in the field of Regional and Urban Economics, such as internal migration, public fiscal policy, regional labour economics or the estimation of quality-of-life

Oriana Bandiera

London School of Economics

Minji Bang

City University of Hong Kong

Renjie Bao

Princeton University

PhD student, Princeton University.

Luca Barbaglia

European Commission Joint Research Centre

I am an econometrician passionate about data science and economics. I exploit alternative, unstructured and big data for economic forecasting using time series and machine learning. I work with macroeconomic and natural resource data to provide better predictions and policy support.

I am currently working in Big Data and Economic Forecastin at the European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Alessandro Barbera

Bank for International Settlements

I am a financial market analyst at the BIS since August 2020. I have worked on a range of topics related to financial markets, systems and regulations, as well as microeconometric modelling. I hold a BSc in international economics and finance from Bocconi University, and a MSc in economics from University College London.

Francesca Barbiero

European Central Bank

Cristina Barcelo

Mara Barschkett

DIW Berlin

Pierpaolo Battigalli

Bocconi University

Pierpaolo Battigalli is a theoretical economist at Bocconi University. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and Game Theory Society, and an Economic Theory Fellow. He obtained his first degree and PhD in Economics at Bocconi University, and an MSc in Mathematical Economics at LSE. He previously worked at Princeton University and the European University Institute. He works on the methodology of game theory and the analysis of strategic reasoning, also including psychological motivations.

Giacomo Battiston

Università di Padova

Erick Baumgartner

Bocconi University

Heiner Beckmeyer

University of Muenster

Michele Belot

Cornell University

Michèle Belot is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and at the School of Industrial Labor Relations. She held previous appointments in the United Kingdom (University of Edinburgh, Oxford University and the University of Essex) and at the European University Institute. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from Tilburg University (CentER) in 2003. Her research interests are broadly in applied microeconomics, with a special interest in experimental work in areas related to labour,

Paula Beltran


Julien Bengui