Aino-Maija Aalto

Stockholm university

Jose Abad

University of Exeter

Jaap Abbring

Tilburg University

As a professor of econometrics at Tilburg University, I study and teach the theory, computation, and econometrics of dynamic choices and games. In the Structural Econometrics Group, I work with other Tilburg economists interested in structural econometrics, computational economics, and their applications. I am an IAAE, Econometric Society, and CEPR fellow; and a member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. I am managing editor of The Econometrics Journal.

Lena Abou El-Komboz

ifo Institute

Tasso Adamopoulos

York University

Abi Adams

University of Oxford

Joop Adema

ifo Institute

Serge Adjognon

Amazon Science

Wifag Adnan

Arun Advani

University of Warwick